Affiliate Summit Survival Guide

Affiliate Summit Survival Guide

Just like most major fields, affiliate marketing has its own super-convention. Affiliate Summit is one of the biggest conferences with dates on both the east and west coast and throughout Europe. People gather from all over the world in locations like New York, Las Vegas, and even Dublin to talk shop and sell their wares.

Similar to any big event, you may find yourself overwhelmed and a little confused. In order to make you feel a little less lost at your first Affiliate Summit, I have created a simple guide to surviving this conference:

1.  Get there early

If you can get an early check in, I highly recommend it. Just like any other big conference or event, people are going to be wildly hungover in the morning. If you can afford to cut your night a little short to get an early start it is totally worth it. 

You don’t want to be arriving at the same time as the rest of the convention attendees. And I promise you that being hungover in the morning on the first day will make your life even more miserable.

2.  Go out! (But Pace yourself…)

Yes, listening to the amazing speakers and roaming the convention floor is important, but so is socializing. Everyone will be looking to mix a little networking with pleasure, so take advantage!

Be sure to form those valuable relationships and remember they do not have to form at the convention itself.
Check online for a list of exclusive parties. A lot of affiliate blogs and marketing magazines will be throwing their own exclusive parties for their readers and/or an in-group. Try your hardest to get into that in-group and network your ass off!

While partying is important, do not forget you are networking. You are also going to be out in a town filled to the brim with people from your field. Do not make a fool out of yourself. So make sure you practice some self-control and enforce a drink maximum on yourself.

3.  Dress to impress 

Your image is everything. When you’re out on that conference floor, you need to make sure you look your best.
Dress nice. Make sure you smell good – this goes double for your breath.

Make sure you do not dress too casual and not too formal. You are going to be constantly on the go, so wear comfortable but well-kept shoes and maybe carry around some essentials (such as deodorant and gum) to keep yourself fresh as the day goes on.

4.  Be flexible

The last thing you want to be is too rigid with your scheduling. Your plans will inevitably change depending on what conversations you have and where you are throughout the day.

Be reasonable with your time management. Sure, try to get to as many events and hear as many speakers as you can but do not try to do everything in one day. Prioritize which events you need to go to verses want to go to.

5.  Start Networking Now

One of the best ways to thrive during Affiliate Summit is to start networking before the actual event. This way you’ll already have people to talk to and will already be familiar with some people at the event.  If you’re a nutra affiliate, go check out some of the nutra booths, or if you’re one of the affiliates in the adult space then head over to the justcash booth to check out the new hot dating offers.

Use twitter and search for hashtags relating to the event and search through Facebook groups to try to make a few contacts before the event itself.

3 Ways to Escape the Friend Zone

3 Ways to Escape the Friend Zone

If you’ve ever been trapped and hopelessly devoted in the friend zone, suffer no more! I am here to rescue you because there is only one way to go and it’s up!

We all have that good-looking friend that we secretly hope will confess their undying love but let’s take a trip down reality lane real quick. The reality is you need to make yourself a potential candidate to win their heart and get a fair chance before they’ve labeled you as one of their siblings.

Regardless of how far in the friend zone you’ve become, just start one step at a time.

Create some distance:

If you’re always available and solely relying on their response for any of your plans then STOP. If you’re the least bit interested in this person, make sure they’re not the only aspect of life you’re interested in.

There’s something extremely attractive about someone who’s ambitious and unavailable. Trade your lonely puppy dog aroma into a noble steed that is hard to tame. If they know your play by play at all times, you haven’t left anything to the imagination. Keep them guessing about what possible dates, friends, and events you could have been doing instead of your usual .2 second responses.

I’m not saying drastically cut them off but make yourself a little less available. Your presence will be missed, and the invites will skyrocket. Change up the repetitive Friday night out by not even showing up. Even if that means you spend a night in alone, it’s a much better than digging yourself in a little deeper.

You’re allowed to say ” no” every once in awhile, so practice, repeat and stop being a pushover. It forces them to take you seriously and acknowledge the fact that they might not be your top priority anymore which now they realize they want to.

Change your attitude:

I’m now putting the smallest violin away because your pity party is over. Stop obsessing over how perfect they are and how badly you wish they would give you a chance. You have more of a chance being a friend than a random stranger sliding in the DM’s.

Confidence is key, and if you take them off the pedestal and put yourself on, you’ll realize they’d be crazy not to go for you. Instead of consistently boosting their ego, start investing your time, energy and love into yourself and what wonders it will do! Not only will you realize you’re a catch but they will too. The spotlight is now on you, and you’re one step closer to breaking the barrier.

Realize you’re a hot commodity:

Now don’t go and get all cocky but sometimes you need to toot your own horn and realize that you could just as easily be out there dating up a storm but you’ve put yourself on reserve.
I encourage you to stop waiting for the day they show you the slightest bit of interest and start dating. There is a fine line between being friendly and flirty so you should work on your skills with possible connections and gain some of that confidence back.

Once you’ve found the balance of being flirty yet not too overbearing, affectionate but not too touchy, and available but not too desperate then you can take your new found talent out for a spin with the one you want!  Learn more about the friend zone below.


Top 7 Flirting Fails

Top 7 Flirting Fails

When you’re flirting it often seems like every terrible thing that could possibly happen has triple the chance of actually happening. Every ounce of awkward in your body tends to bubble to the surface and rear its ugly head. All that awkwardness has a habit of sneaking up on you so sneakily that you have no idea that you’re going to do something stupid until it happens and ruins any chance you had of getting laid. I annoyed my friends and family until they finally caved and told me some of the most embarrassing tales of flirting fails I’ve ever heard. Enjoy!

When you have perpetual bitchface: I tried to give this guy at a party a sexy-over-the-shoulder look. He tapped me on the shoulder and apologized for whatever he did because I apparently gave him the dirtiest look he’s ever gotten.

–    Me

When you forget how to walk: I was walking along the side of a popular swimming hole with these cute girls when I slipped and smacked my shin on a rock. They asked me if I was okay and before I could reply I slipped again and hit my leg in the same place on another rock. I tried to convince them I was fine and not to leave while lying on the ground writhing in pain, but they just walked away.

–    Jac D

When you think you’re super sexy, but are super creepy: I was out at a bar and saw this guy from across the room, so I started looking over at him every one in a while. So he walks over to me, and I’m excited because I thought my eye-flirting worked. Instead, he was super annoyed and told me to stop staring at him before he stormed off.

–    April P.

When you’re a total dancing queen(?): My friends and I were dancing at this club. I was really feeling myself and started getting really into the music. I’m a pretty great dancer; I was on the dance team in high school. I guess I was having an off night because a really hot guy came up to me and told me just to stop because I was embarrassing myself.

–    Taylor R.

When the booty’s got you fooled: My boyfriend and I went to a family function of his recently. We were drinking a little and having a whole lot of fun but at one point we got separated. I wove through everyone until I found him by the food. I thought I’d be cute and cheeky by grabbing his butt from behind. Unfortunately, for me his identical twin was dressed similarly to his bro. I ended up grabbing the wrong twin’s ass. Yeah, that happened. And guess what? This isn’t the first time something like this has happened…

–    Nicole H.

When you’re the victim of a group cockblock: My guy friend and I started a little friends-with-benefits thing a couple of months ago. We were sitting in the living room with all of our friends hanging out after he came back from traveling around the country. We tried to get up and casually go back into my room to rekindle things, but as soon as we made our move, my roommate totally called us out. Her and all of our friends openly teased us and made us keep hanging out with the group. I didn’t get any that night.

–    Hope Z.

When at least you have decent aim: My bros and I were at a party, and we started getting pretty fucked up. I was taking shots and dabbing all night. There were these pretty cute girls there, and they started coming on to my buddy and I. We were sitting on the couch, and one of the girls was sitting on my lap. I was so gone that before I could even control my body, I projectile vomited over her and onto the floor. The look on her face was priceless.

–    Luke Z.

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Top Mobile Games for Adults

Top Mobile Games for Adults

Smartphone users these days look at their phone’s very differently to how they might have 10 years ago, and whilst all mobile phone users need the core functionality to make and receive calls effectively, it is the other features that excite them. The mobile gaming industry has exploded over the last 5 years and whilst Snake may remain an old classic, it is a million miles away from even the simple mobile games of today.

With the recent success of Pokemon Go, we are reminded once again of the lure of mobile gaming. But what else is out there on the market for adults? We take a look at the best mobile games for adults on iOs, Android and Windows mobile operating systems.

The Room

Available for all three of our chosen operating systems, The Room actually began it’s mobile gaming life back in 2012 and since then an entire series has been born. Taking inspiration from old classics such as Myst, the game designed by Fireproof Games provides lovers of the first person adventure genre enough brain bending puzzle action to keep you entertained for hours. Forget Call of Duty or Call of Booty, if you want a thinking man’s (or woman’s) game then this is for you. The series has even won a BAFTA games award for British Games – not bad for a game on your mobile phone.

The Beggar’s Ride

Available for iOS and Android only, the strapline of the play to earn games is ‘a journey fit for a god’ – and we can testify to that. A game that fits nicely in to the puzzle adventure genre, The Beggar’s Ride is a beautifully detailed, graphically pleasant, narrative driven puzzle game that will have you coming back time and time again in pursuit of perfect score excellence. As you traverse the well written story you collect a series of masks along the way. The masks with an array of godly powers will help you overcome puzzles throughout the game. We loved this game, just make sure you have a spare hour or two when you dive in because you won’t want to put it down.

Lifeline Whiteout

One of my fondest memories as a child was reading those ‘choose your own adventure’ books where the story would evolve based on your decisions. Fast forward 30 (or so) years and you have the mobile game version of such books. Lifeline Whiteout is an adventure story mobile game that allows you to make decisions every step of the way. The protagonist is Adams, a man with amnesia who needs you to make the decisions for him along the way.

Depending on the decisions you make, the ending can be very different. Just like when I read those books as a child, if I wasn’t happy with my decision I could just flick back through the pages – Lifeline Whiteout allows you to rewind your decisions so you can check the results of differing choices at any point.

With the multiple endings this game will keep Android and iOS gamers happy for hours and hours. Well worth the investment!

We are just scratching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adult sex games but get started with this selection and then enjoy the exploration of others.  Or to learn more about sexy games check out the youtube video below.