Just like most major fields, affiliate marketing has its own super-convention. Affiliate Summit is one of the biggest conferences with dates on both the east and west coast and throughout Europe. People gather from all over the world in locations like New York, Las Vegas, and even Dublin to talk shop and sell their wares.

Similar to any big event, you may find yourself overwhelmed and a little confused. In order to make you feel a little less lost at your first Affiliate Summit, I have created a simple guide to surviving this conference:

1.  Get there early

If you can get an early check in, I highly recommend it. Just like any other big conference or event, people are going to be wildly hungover in the morning. If you can afford to cut your night a little short to get an early start it is totally worth it. 

You don’t want to be arriving at the same time as the rest of the convention attendees. And I promise you that being hungover in the morning on the first day will make your life even more miserable.

2.  Go out! (But Pace yourself…)

Yes, listening to the amazing speakers and roaming the convention floor is important, but so is socializing. Everyone will be looking to mix a little networking with pleasure, so take advantage!

Be sure to form those valuable relationships and remember they do not have to form at the convention itself.
Check online for a list of exclusive parties. A lot of affiliate blogs and marketing magazines will be throwing their own exclusive parties for their readers and/or an in-group. Try your hardest to get into that in-group and network your ass off!

While partying is important, do not forget you are networking. You are also going to be out in a town filled to the brim with people from your field. Do not make a fool out of yourself. So make sure you practice some self-control and enforce a drink maximum on yourself.

3.  Dress to impress 

Your image is everything. When you’re out on that conference floor, you need to make sure you look your best.
Dress nice. Make sure you smell good – this goes double for your breath.

Make sure you do not dress too casual and not too formal. You are going to be constantly on the go, so wear comfortable but well-kept shoes and maybe carry around some essentials (such as deodorant and gum) to keep yourself fresh as the day goes on.

4.  Be flexible

The last thing you want to be is too rigid with your scheduling. Your plans will inevitably change depending on what conversations you have and where you are throughout the day.

Be reasonable with your time management. Sure, try to get to as many events and hear as many speakers as you can but do not try to do everything in one day. Prioritize which events you need to go to verses want to go to.

5.  Start Networking Now

One of the best ways to thrive during Affiliate Summit is to start networking before the actual event. This way you’ll already have people to talk to and will already be familiar with some people at the event.  If you’re a nutra affiliate, go check out some of the nutra booths, or if you’re one of the affiliates in the adult space then head over to the justcash booth to check out the new hot dating offers.

Use twitter and search for hashtags relating to the event and search through Facebook groups to try to make a few contacts before the event itself.