If you’ve ever been trapped and hopelessly devoted in the friend zone, suffer no more! I am here to rescue you because there is only one way to go and it’s up!

We all have that good-looking friend that we secretly hope will confess their undying love but let’s take a trip down reality lane real quick. The reality is you need to make yourself a potential candidate to win their heart and get a fair chance before they’ve labeled you as one of their siblings.

Regardless of how far in the friend zone you’ve become, just start one step at a time.

Create some distance:

If you’re always available and solely relying on their response for any of your plans then STOP. If you’re the least bit interested in this person, make sure they’re not the only aspect of life you’re interested in.

There’s something extremely attractive about someone who’s ambitious and unavailable. Trade your lonely puppy dog aroma into a noble steed that is hard to tame. If they know your play by play at all times, you haven’t left anything to the imagination. Keep them guessing about what possible dates, friends, and events you could have been doing instead of your usual .2 second responses.

I’m not saying drastically cut them off but make yourself a little less available. Your presence will be missed, and the invites will skyrocket. Change up the repetitive Friday night out by not even showing up. Even if that means you spend a night in alone, it’s a much better than digging yourself in a little deeper.

You’re allowed to say ” no” every once in awhile, so practice, repeat and stop being a pushover. It forces them to take you seriously and acknowledge the fact that they might not be your top priority anymore which now they realize they want to.

Change your attitude:

I’m now putting the smallest violin away because your pity party is over. Stop obsessing over how perfect they are and how badly you wish they would give you a chance. You have more of a chance being a friend than a random stranger sliding in the DM’s.

Confidence is key, and if you take them off the pedestal and put yourself on, you’ll realize they’d be crazy not to go for you. Instead of consistently boosting their ego, start investing your time, energy and love into yourself and what wonders it will do! Not only will you realize you’re a catch but they will too. The spotlight is now on you, and you’re one step closer to breaking the barrier.

Realize you’re a hot commodity:

Now don’t go and get all cocky but sometimes you need to toot your own horn and realize that you could just as easily be out there dating up a storm but you’ve put yourself on reserve.
I encourage you to stop waiting for the day they show you the slightest bit of interest and start dating. There is a fine line between being friendly and flirty so you should work on your skills with possible connections and gain some of that confidence back.

Once you’ve found the balance of being flirty yet not too overbearing, affectionate but not too touchy, and available but not too desperate then you can take your new found talent out for a spin with the one you want!  Learn more about the friend zone below.